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How to ensure good adhesion

The most important process in adhesion is application of the adhesive. Your problems can be solved by the applicator which enables a desired amount of the adhesive to be applied to a desired position efficiently and simply in the way exactly as you desire, thereby providing excellent looks.

  • Easy handling and maintenance of the equipment
  • Discharge of a very small amount
  • An extensive range of use from assembly of the prototype to line assembly


Adhesive type Applicator Product name Container
Cyanoacrylate adhesive 3000 Dispenser 3000RX, 3000DX,3000RXP, 3000-Super series 20g- and 50g
plastic container
One-part type Auto-tube Super-X, PM165, PM300, etc Tube, cartridge
Dispense gun Medium, high viscosity products in tube and cartridges Special syringe
Two-part type MGP ID-200
MGP ID-300
EP001 EP330 EP331EP007 EP008 1500 1590 Special tank

Discharge unit specifically designed for Cemedine 3000 Dispenser

This is a highly reliable unit for continuous discharge of a specified amount of instantaneous adhesive, incorporating the Teflon tube type roller pump using the planetary motion rotor mechanism.


  1. Use of the frame specifically designed for the bottle prevents the container from overturning, ensuring working safety without cyanoacrylate adhesive contacting your hand or body.
  2. Adoption of the one-touch tube guide provides easy and reliable replacement of the Teflon tube.
  3. The digital timer control system enables reliable and highly accurate discharge of a specified amount of adhesive.
  4. Adjustment of the vacuum controller ensures excellent liquid separation, and prevents cyanoacrylate adhesive from curing at the nozzle tip.
  5. The vacuum interval controller permits adjustment of the interval before reaching the vacuum after termination of the discharge.


One-Part Discharge Unit Auto-Tube

This is a one-part discharge unit which allows the adhesive in the tube or cartridge to be charged into the discharge unit, and the coating work to be carried out directly. The specifically designed controller provides free control of the amount to be discharged.


  1. This unit allows mounting and dismounting of the tube and cartridge by one-touch operation, keeping your hands clean.
  2. It features repeatability of 0.1% and the minimum discharge rate of 0.001ml, without any possibility of the foam or dust being mixed.
  3. The adhesive in the tube is pushed out pneumatically, thereby minimizing loss.
  4. The attached charging adapter allows the adhesive to be charge into the syringe by one touch operation.


Standard Set
  • Digital controller
  • Power cord
  • 1.8-meter pneumatic hose with coupler
  • Foot pedal switch
  • 10ml node rip system (syringe, piston, cap, tip cap)
  • Taper nozzle, Class 5, tip cap
  • Charging adapter
  • Inner container
  • Outer container
  • Holder cap
  • Pneumatic hose
  • Tip adapter
  • Tube adapter
    The 100-gram and 200-gram tubes and 333-ml cartridge are available.


One-Part Discharge Unit Dispense Gun (Handy Type)

The dispense gun is composed of a precision machined syringe and small-sized, lightweight and sturdy piston type gun.
This is a handy type dispense gun which does not require use of a power supply or pneumatic source. It can be used for an extensive range of application from assembly of the prototype to production in small quantities, including selection of the test for selection of the adhesive.


  1. Simple adhesion work with your hands kept clean.
  2. Trigger span adjustable in two steps.
  3. Special syringe ensuring simple installation, without wetting by liquid.
  4. Dispense guns available for use with 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml and 55ml syringes.


Two-part mixed discharge unit MGP series

Controlling the MGP micro gear pump renowned for its quantitative stability is controlled by the stepping motor (MGP ID-200), servo motor (MGP ID-300), and special control circuit, two-part mixed discharge unit has high discharge accuracy and capability to support automation and features very easy setting and management of discharge volume.
The cartridge type mixer also features easy replacement and cleaning.


  1. The discharge management function required for mixed discharge of two-part adhesive is incorporated. (MGP ID-200 and MGP ID-300)
  2. The discharge volume, discharge time, and mixing ratio can be easily set based on basic data. (MGP ID-200 and MGP ID-300)
  3. Use of the micro-gear pump ensures extremely stable discharge at a fixed rate, without being affected by such conditions as temperature, viscosity and specific weight.
  4. The mixer is designed to correspond to the quick curing type adhesive, and provides a stable, longer-time, continuous operation even with adhesive of shorter pot life.
MGP ID-200?AMGP-X020 (for the discharge of a very small amount)
• Specifications
Adhesive type MGP ID-200• MGP-X020
Scope of discharge MGP ID-200 Min. 0.0002ml/shot (0.2 sec)
Max. 36ml/min
MGP-X020 Min. 0.0002ml/0.3 sec
0.5ml/min - 12ml/min
Discharge accuracy Mixing ratio 1 : 1 3% or less (MGP ID-200)
5% or less (MGP-X020)
Mixing ratio 10 : 1 7% or less (viscosity 500 to 50,000mPa・s)
Mixing ratio 100:100~100:5
Pot life 2 min. or more
• MGP ID-200 MGP-X020 (for the discharge of a very small amount)


MGP ID-300?AMGP-X030 (for the discharge of a great amount)
• Specifications
Adhesive type MGP ID-300• MGP-X030
Scope of discharge MGP ID-300 Min. 0.1ml/shot (0.2 sec)
Max. 260ml/min
MGP-X030 15ml/min - 200ml/min
Discharge accuracy Mixing ratio 1 : 1 3% or less (MGP ID-300)
5% or less (MGP-X030)
Mixing ratio 10 : 1 7% or less (viscosity 500 to 50,000mPa・s)
Mixing ratio 100:100~100:5
Pot life 5 min. or more
• MGP ID-300 MGP-X030 (for the discharge of a great amount)