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Automobiles Adhesive

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Welding Process

Mastic Adhesive

  • Synthetic rubber - based rubbery elastic product with low distortion Performance.
  • Dischargeable with airless pump of over 45:1 compression ratio in room temperature.
  • Good shower resistance, adhesiveness to oil surface, durability.


Spot Sealer

  • Synthetic resin- based Rubbery elastic product.
  • Application to welding parts enables good waterproof and dustproof performance.
  • Discharging in room temperature is possible with airless pump of compression ratio over 45:1.
  • Good shower resistance, Oil surface adhesiveness, and High durability


Hemming Adhesive

  • Solventless ONE-PART HEAT CURING TYPE structural epoxy adhesive which is excellent in durability.
  • Uniform particle size glass bubbles enables good performance on temporary tacking.
  • Excellent adhesiveness for Oil surface steel plate, Alloying Hot-dip galvanized steel plates.
  • ED paintabiliy enables excellent rustproof performance.


Structural Adhesive

  • Solventless ONE-PART HEAT CURING TYPE structural epoxy adhesive is excellent in durability.
  • Excellent adhesiveness for oil surface steel plate, galvannealed steel plates.
  • Using with spot welding to automotive flames, body rigidity is improved.
  • This item has strong adhesiveness and shock resistance.
  • High viscosity type with excellent in shower resistance can be also offered.



  Mastic Adhesive Spot Sealer Hemming Adhesive Structural Adhesive
Usage Hood/Bonne Wheel House in section Door The vehicle body frame
Characteristics Solventless type Solventless type Solventless type Solventless type
Heat Curing Thermosetting Dischargeable in Room Temperature Dischargeable in Room Temperature ONE-PART HEAT CURING TYPE
Filling type Adhesive Filling adhesive One-Component Thermosetting Adhesive for Oil Surface Oil surface Adhesive
Dichargeable with Pump in Room Temperature Pump Dischargeable in Room Temperature    
Good shower resistance Good shower resistance    
Performance Main Composition Synthetic rubber Synthetic resin Epoxy Resin Epoxy Resin
Appearance High viscosity uniform paste High viscosity uniform paste High viscosity uniform paste High viscosity uniform paste
Density 1.3~1.5 1.3~1.5 1.3~1.5 1.2~1.4
Solids content Over 95% Over 98% Over 98% Over 98%
Viscosity 200~400 Pa新 200~400 Pa新 200~300 Pa新 200~300 Pa新
Peel strength 200~1000 kPa 100~300 kPa 15~20 kPa 15~20 kPa
Hardness 10~40 HSA - - -


Painting Process

Under Body Coating(UBC)

  • Acryl Sol or PVC Sol- based plastisol coating to automotive under floor and rustproof chip for wheel house.
  • Spray Application with airless spray is possible.
  • Various UBS aimed for Soundproof, Thin film weight reduction and High physical property for thin film can be offered.


Coating Type Damping Material

  • ACRYLIC EMULSION-based Coating Material aimed for vibration reduction of vehicle body.
  • Application with airless bump is possible.
  • Baking hardenable type (Recommended baking temp.:120-160°C)
  • Baking hardening creates forming foamed film and excellent dumping performance.
  • Sprayable melt sheet
  • Sound deadening (Reduce sound level)
  • Vibration reduction
  • Weight reduction
  • Easy vertical application
  • Space save
  • Improve the paint quality


Body Sealer

  • PVC Sol - based water stop and rustproof plastisol coating for outside and inside panel of automobile.
  • Spray application with airless spraying is possible.
  • In addition to standard type, low VOC type can be offered.


Interlayer Resistance Chip

  • PVC Sol - based plastisol coating for automotive anti-chipping.
  • Spray Application with airless spray is possible.
  • Low viscosity enables excellent spray performance.
  • By thinly coating on rocker parts (SIDE SILL), excellent membrane property is contributed.



  Under Body Coating(UBC) Coating Type Damping Material Body Sealer Interlayer Resistance Chip
Usage Wheel house,Under floor Floor Interior,Exterior Rocker
Characteristics Airless Spray AQUEOUS COATING TYPE DAMPING MATERIAL Airless Spray Airless Spray
Added Various Functions THERMOSETTING-TYPE Added Various Functions Added Various Functions
Performance Main Composition PVC or Acryl Resin ACRYLIC EMULSION PVC Resin PVC Resin
Appearance High viscosity uniform Paste Gray colored Uniform Paste High viscosity uniform paste Low Viscosity Uniform Paste
Density 1.3~1.4 1.5~1.6 1.4~1.6 1.3~1.4
Solids conten Over 95% Over 80% Over 98% Over 90%
Viscosity 60~120 Pa新 80~120 Pa新 60~120 Pa新 5~20 Pa新
Peel strength 0.3~2 MPa - 0.6~2.0 MPa 1.0~2.0 MPa
Hardness 50~70 - 60~80 50~70
Expansion rate - 1.6~1.8 times - -



Interior Parts Adhesive

  • Good spray-usability with uniform adhesiveness to wide surface.
  • Adhesive for Automobile Interior Trim which enables spray coating with efficient operation for wide surface.
  • Satisfy the regulated standard of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for vehicle compartment.
  • Good adhesiveness to highly-recyclable PP resin, various types of surface skin for automobile interiors, fabric, PP foam, urethane foam, and various types of skin materials such as leather.(Chloroprene Type)
  • Good adhesiveness to steel plate, ABS, Vinyl chloride, Vinyl chloride foam.(Urethane Type)
  • High Spraying Usability with uniform application enables low press pressure operation in low temperature and short-time dry condition.
  • Good endurance( wet and heat resistance) enables good performance under severe environment.


Adhesive for Brakes

  • Solvent type One-Component Thermosetting, Phenol Adhesive with excellent in heat resistance.
  • Good heat resistance of this product is appropriate for adhering brake linings of automobiles and motorcycles, and clutch facings.
  • To improve resistance for shock, bending and detachment, we have mixed adhesive grade of thermosetting resin and synthetic rubber with;
  • Strong adhesiveness at high temperature excelling in heat aging resistance.
  • Strong in shock, bending, vibration with durability against repetitive heating and loading, and less deterioration in adhesive force.
  • Good flowability and quick in drying.
  • Strong resistance to water, oil, solvent and medical agents.



  Interior Parts Adhesive Adhesive for Brakes
Usage Door Trim,Baggage Tray,Instrument Panel,Pillar,Trank Cover etc Drum brake
Characteristics Solvent typee Solvent typee
Chloroprene Adhesive / Urethane Adhesive Dischargeable in Room Temperature
Spray Type One-Component Thermosetting High Heat Resistance Adhesive
Performance Main Composition Chloroprene Type
Interior for Vehicles - Substrate(Mainly PP)x Skin material
Urethane Type
Interior for Vehicles - One pot type
Phenol resin
Appearance Transparent, No-colored, Uniform liquid Transparent, No-colored, Uniform liquid Light brown, Black Paste
Density 0.7~0.9 0.9~1.0 0.9~1.1
Solids conten 18~25% 30~40% 25~55%
Viscosity 150~250 cps 150~250 cps 100~20,000 cps
Peel strength 20 N/25mm 9 N/25mm -
Creep performance 180° creep
Room temperature 80° 0mm
Room Temperature80° 0mm
Appropriate forced dying condition - - 180 ~ 200°C
15~30 min


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