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Emulsion Adhesive

Emulsion adhesive is formed by the emulsification and polymerization of acetic vinyl, EVA and acrylic resin in water. Since organic solvent is not generally used, it is not flammable, and it is not toxic; it is a relatively safe adhesive. It is mainly used for porous materials.


  1. The emulsion adhesive is generally solventless type adhesive that contains no organic solvent agent.
  2. The emulsion adhesive allows extensive range of work from coating with brush to coating with machine.
  3. The emulsion adhesive has better initial adhesive property than other aqueous adhesive.
  4. The emulsion adhesive is relatively inexpensive.


• Furniture, woodworking, decorated plywood • Paper working, packaging
• Decorated plywood, composite members, and panels  


For paper working

For prevention of package deformation

For woodworking, furniture, and building interiors

For composite materials for construction

Brief Advice

Many types of emulsion adhesives contain less resin solid. Adhesiveness is ensured by "anchoring effect" where the resin permeates the gap of the adherend to be hardened in the form of wedges. Therefore, insufficient pressing force will cause defective holes on the adhesion surface and insufficient permeation, resulting in substantial reduction in the bonding strength. Sufficient consideration must be given to determine the amount of coating, pressing force and pressing time.