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Super-X Series

Cemedine Super-X is an epoch-making one-part quick curing adhesive having three significant features which are said to be ideal properties of the adhesives; "pressure-sensitive adhesion","elastic adhesion" and "solventless adhesion".


Elastic Adhesive

Based on the special silicone modified polymer, Cemedine elastic adhesive series is a multi-function adhesive, featuring robust rubber-like elasticity and adhesiveness over an extensive range. The elastic adhesive uses a combination of flexibility and robustness to solve the problems of "being hard and brittle" found in the conventional adhesives featuring heat resistance and durability, and lack of heat resistance and durability found in soft adhesives such as rubber and vinyl adhesives, thereby making a significant contribution in all industrial arenas.


Epoxy Resin Adhesive

Epoxy resin adhesive refers to the adhesive which cures chemicals containing epoxy group with amines and acid anhydride.


Instantaneous Adhesive

Mainly composed of alkyl-alpha-cyanoactylate, instantaneous adhesive is polymerized and cured by a small amount of moisture sucked on the surface of the adherend in a very short time (in several seconds).


Reactive Acrylic Adhesive

The two-part low-odor acrylic adhesive is friendly to environment. The two-part acrylic adhesive, whose curing properties do not change much even if the mixing ratio and mixing status vary, has the user friendliness close to one-part adhesive.


Emulsion Adhesive

Emulsion adhesive is formed by the emulsification and polymerization of acetic vinyl, EVA and acrylic resin in water. Since organic solvent is not generally used, it is not flammable, and it is not toxic; it is a relatively safe adhesive. It is mainly used for porous materials.


Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive is a 100-percent solid adhesive that is mainly composed of thermoplastic resin and contains no organic solvent agent, and is solid or semi-solid at normal temperature.
Hot melt adhesive is coated when melted by heating, and is hardened when cooled, which completes adhesion.


Elastomer Adhesive

Elastomer adhesive is composed of main components of such high polymer Elastomer as Chloroprene, nitrile rubber and SBR, and has an excellent initial startup since curing is provided by evaporation of organic solvent and water.


Thermoplastic Resin Adhesive

The thermoplastic resin adhesive comprises such thermoplastic resin as vinyl acetate and polyvinylchloride solved in organic solvent or water, and is mainly used for adhesion of porous materials and polyvinylchloride. Some products allow heat-reactivated adhesion.
Because the products use organic solvent, they require sufficient care in handling.


Adhesive and Filler having special

They are mixed adhesives composed mainly of the phenol resin having strong cohesion and high polarity, with epoxy resin used as modifier.



One-part elastic sealer can be used very easily; simply push it out of the tube or cartridge! If it contacts air (moisture) it will be cured into a rubber-like elastic body. It has excellent water and air tightness, as well as superb contact, follow-up property and durability.



The most important process in adhesion is application of the adhesive. Your problems can be solved by the applicator which enables a desired amount of the adhesive to be applied to a desired position efficiently and simply in the way exactly as you desire, thereby providing excellent looks.


Automobiles Adhesive

We develop and produce various adhesive, sealing agent, coating material for automobile industry.
These products help to reduce weight and to improve quietness, rust prevention and durability of automobile body.