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Adhesive and Filler having special functions

Phenol group structural adhesives

They are mixed adhesives composed mainly of the phenol resin having strong cohesion and high polarity, with epoxy resin used as modifier.


  1. They feature great adhesive strength at a high temperature and excellent heat resistance to heat aging.
  2. They are highly resistant to impact, bending, vibration, heat and repeated load imposition, without adhesive strength being reduced.
  3. Good fluidity and quick drying.
  4. Highly resistant to water, oil, solvent and chemicals.


• Adhesion for brake linings and clutch facings of the cars, motor-cycles, wheels, construction machinery and the like • Adhesion of metals and ceramics requiring heat resistance


List of phenol group structural adhesives
Product name 110 120 CS2711
Characteristics Low viscosity Heat resistance Heat aging resistance
Modifier Epoxy Polyvinyl acetal Nitrile rubber
Appearance Light brown low-viscosity solvent Light brown intermediate-viscosity solvent Black paste
Viscosity(mPa• s/23°C) 220 3,000 15,000
Non-volatiles (%) 53 32.5 44
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.00 0.96 0.98
Optimum curing conditions Leaving at room temperature for 3 hours (Forced drying at 60°C for 30 minutes)
180°C for 2 minutes
(Pressing: 0.98MPa)
Leaving at room temperature for 3 hours 180°C for 20 minutes
(Pressing: 0.98MPa)
Leaving at room temperature for 3 hours 200°C for 30 minutes
(Pressing: 0.98MPa)
Diluent Solvent MEK Toluene/Methanol/MEK Toluene/Butanol/MEK
Capacity 1kg 15kg 15kg 17kg

Adhesion procedure
After careful treatment of the adherend surface, coat the adhesive on
both sides and leave them for over 30 minutes for complete evaporation
of the solvent. After drying, bond them by pressing at the pressure of 0.98MPa and by heating at the specified curing temperature.
Bonding of the brake linings requires skill and use of some equipment (for No.110).


Inorganic heat resistant adhesive Fireproof putty

This adhesive is composed of inorganic materials based on alumina and silica, and can be used at the super-high temperature where the conventional organic adhesives has been of no use.


  1. Excellent adhesives at high temperatures (600 to 1,100°C).
  2. Incombustible product without producing fume or odor.
  3. No concern about fire accident because of water borne adhesive.
  4. Excellent adhesive property at the room temperature.

Product name Fireproof putty
Main component Aluminum hydroxide inorganic substance
Appearance gray
Viscosity (Pa・s/23°C) 35
Non-volatiles (%) 78
Density (g/cm3) 1.71
pH 8.7
Hardness (Shore A) 88
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 0.97
600°C heating residue (%) 50.9
Adhesive property
Pressing shear adhesive
strength between alumina (N/mm2)
Normality (23°C for 5 days) 3.78
Heat resistance: 300°C for 4 hours 2.55
450°C for 4 hours 1.5
600°C for 4 hours 2.3
1,100°C for 4 hours 3.22
Water resistance (in water at 23°C for 24 hours) 1.71
Tensile adhesive strength (N/mm2)
(Building Research Institute method)
Slate×iron 0.78
Molding strength (N)
(22mmΦ 6mmh)
100°C for 24 hours 421
300°C for 4 hours 225
600°C for 4 hours 598
Fire resistance Combustion test oxygen index(JISK7201) 94.2 or more
UL94V-0 Acceptable
Capacity standard 150g tube

Multifunction coating agent HC-025

Cemedine HC-025 is a new type of coating agent that also serves as an adhesive for "high efficiency of easy coating." It is a multifunction coating agent that delivers excellent performance as damping material, chip-resistant coating, and adhesive although it is safe, easy, and convenient.


  1. Aqueous coating agent mainly composed of acrylic resin emulsion.
  2. Easy coating as one-part curing at normal temperature and anti-sagging type.
  3. Multifunction agent that serves as a damping material, chip-resistant coating, and adhesive.
  4. Excellent damping property in an extensive range of temperature.
  5. Good adhesive property for various materials.
Product name HC-025
Main component Acrylic resin emulsion
Appearance Gray paste
Viscosity (Pa・s/23°C) 65
Non-volatiles (%) 76
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.45
Capacity standards 4kg 24kg pail


• Application of damping material to various metallic plate structures that require damping • Application of chip-resistant coating (undercoat) to stone guard that requires abrasion resistance and impact resistance
• Adhesion between an adherend and a porous adherend • Adhesion of heat insulator on coated surface as damping material so that it has composite functions of damping and heat insulation


Damping performance

Damping chart
• Before HC-025 is used
• After HC-025 is used


• Damping property depending on film thickness and temperature


Brief Advice
  • The effect of damping property depends on the type and plate thickness of target base material.
  • The features of concave, convex, and curved surfaces can be called into play to apply this coating agent to a vibrating or noisy area efficiently.
  • Do not use this coating agent at a temperature of 5°C or less in winter.