Polyolefin adhesion systemCEMEDINE PPX SET (Instant Adhesives + Primer)

Polyolefin adhesion system

Adhesion of adhesion-resistant materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, silicone rubber, polyacetal and fluorocarbon resin in a short time. (Combined use of surface modification primer PPX-3 and Instant Adhesives Cemedine PPX)



CEMEDINE PPX (Instant Adhesives)

PPX3 (Primer)


  • Instant Adhesives (CEMEDINE PPX)
    Shows superior high-speed curing property.
    Broader adhesive range is made possible with PPX only.
  • Primer (PPX-3)
    Performance improvement of adhesion to polyethylene is far superior.
    Surface coating is simply formed by painting with cotton swabs, brush and sprays.

Product data


Durability / chemicals resistance

Tensile shear adhesive strength PP HDPE LDPE
Normal state adhesive strength 5.5* 4.5* 1.6*
Durability Heat resistance 70°C for 7 days 4.8* 3.7 1.7*
Water resistance 40°C for 7 days 5.4* 4.4* 1.6*
Moisture resistance 60°C,95%RH×7days 5.2* 3.9 1.4*
Heat cycle
5.3* 4.2* 1.7*
Chemical resistance Gasoline 25°C for 7 days 4.6* 3.9* 1.3
Kerosene 25°C for 7 days 4.9* 3.9* 1.5*
Methanol 25°C for 7 days 5.4* 2.8 0.7
Window washing liquid 25°C for 7 days 5.3* 4.4* 1.6*

*…indicates material failure


PPX SET (For difficult to bond materials)
Instant Adhesives
Application / Properties / Features For Polyolefin
External appearance Colorless transparent Colorless transparent
Flash point °C 85 -1
Ignition point °C 485 215
Freezing point °C ≤-20 ≤-20
Viscosity mPa・s/23°C 10 ≤1
Specific gravity g/cm3 1.05 0.68
Set time 23°C 5 s
Tensile shear adhesive strength (PP) MPa 5.5 MF
Application method Apply right from the container Cotton swabs,Brush
Capacity 60g set
20g 200mL
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