Hot Melt AdhesiveCEMEDINE HM Series

Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive is a 100-percent solid adhesive composed mainly of thermoplastic resin, contains no organic solvent agent, and is solid or semi-solid at normal temperatures.


  • Hot melt adhesive is a 100-percent solid solventless adhesive.
  • Hot melt adhesive allows quick adhesion.
  • Hot melt adhesive allows adhesion of an extensive range of materials including plastics.
  • Hot melt adhesive simplifies automating adhesion.


  • Making, sealing, and adhesion of corrugated board and carton cases
  • Assembly of packages
  • Assembly and adhesion of electrical and automotive parts
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesion of film, etc.

Product data

Property (For corrugated board and paper working)

For corrugated board and paper working
HM200 HM207 HM208S HM223 HM232 HM2611
Application / Properties / Features Quick hardening type Quick hardening type Quick hardening type Product type with a longer open time Quick hardening type
/Product type without stringing
Quick hardening type
Carton case,
and Wraparound
Type Hot melt adhesive for corrugated board and paper working
External appearance Light yellow/pellet Milky white/bead Milky white/bead Light yellow/
Light yellow/bead Light yellow/
Nonvolatiles wt% 100 100 100 100 100 100
Softening point °C 108 102 102 95 112 112
Viscosity mPa・s/180°C 910 900 900 1,000 800 1,000
Open time 23°C 2~4s 3~5s 3~5s 12~14s 14s 9s
Hardening time 23°C 1~2s 2~3s 2~3s 6~7s 1~2s s
Heat resistance °C 60 60 60 45 65 55
Low temperature resistance °C -10 -10 -10 -15 -25 -20
Capacity 15kg 15kg 20kg 15kg 20kg 20kg

Property (Pressure-sensitive adhesive type)

  Pressure-sensitive adhesive type
HM622-10 HM650-2
Application / Properties / Features High-pressure-sensitive
adhesive for packing tape
Removable type pressure-sensitive adhesive for universal bags
Type Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive type
Base Synthetic rubber Synthetic rubber
External appearance Light yellow/block Light yellow/block
Nonvolatiles wt% 100 100
Softening point °C 118 101
Viscosity mPa・s/160°C 50,000 37,000
Stickiness property Tackiness N/10mm 4.9 5.9
Pressure-sensitive adhesion property Ball No. 15 2
Retention min/1kg・40°C 120< 60<
Capacity 20kg 12kg